Religious Education

New Zealand National Certificates of Educational Achievement (NCEA) are national qualifications for senior secondary school students.  Each year students study numerous courses or subjects.  Religious studies is one subject from a number of subjects offered to students at Al-Madinah school.

We are privileged to offer Religious Education, where students gain six credits per unit, and in each unit, they are eligible to pass with achievement, achievement with merit and achievement with excellence.  Number of our students have reflected higher achievement, receiving merit or excellence through course endorsements in Religious studies.  This has reflected in gains towards NCEA certificate endorsement.

The Ministry does not provide developed resources relating to our subjects matters, due to difficulties associated with selecting contexts that would be useful to teachers.  This I believe is because each school would be selecting different context specific to their religious faith.

This allows the Religious studies department at Al-Madinah school to develop teaching, learning and assessment resources for the students that are relevant to our special character of the school and the wider community.


Year 1 – 6

Students learn how to recite Qur’aan by starting with basic Arabic reading through Qaidah 1 and Qaidah 2. They then start reading Juzz Amma and eventually start reciting Qur’aan. They also learn basic knowledge of Islam including but not limited to beliefs, Salah, Books revealed to various Prophets, Fasting, stories about Prophets, slight touch on history of Islam, learn about names of Angels and their duty, Character of good Muslims, Creations of Almighty Allah, etc.


Year 7 – 10

Continue recitation of