The Arts

Brief Description

The arts through its distinct language of verbal and non-verbal conventions are unique and powerful medium of expressing student’s feelings and values to the outer world without losing focus on the special character of this institution and the multicultural characteristics of our magnificent country. Here, the learners transform their creative ideas and thoughts into magnificent productions using sound, image and movement.


To enhance the learner’s well-being and self-confidence by engaging them to work independently and collaboratively in order to acquire unexpected outcomes. We anticipate the students will explore appropriate solutions to worldly crises through the development of arts literacies and become efficient listeners, viewers, creators and presenters. We foster our motivated learners value arts in their lives and arts become one of their career paths.

Structure of Arts at Al-Madinah School.

The Arts focusses on drama, dance, music and visual arts based on special character of the school. Each discipline is structured around four interrelated strands: Understanding the Arts in Context, Developing the Practical Knowledge, Developing Ideas and Communicating and Interpreting Knowledge in the arts.


Effective assessments is integral to Arts program. Teachers determine the context and purpose of assessment and gather the information accordingly. Usually in every unit of work, the teachers use achievement objectives to report on students’ achievement and their progress. These practices are in line with the school’s assessment policies and relate to our customs, traditional values, community knowledge and resources.

Arts Student’s Activities