Business subject motivates students to explore creativity and perseverance by developing knowledge, skills, values and attitudes needed to become lifelong learners and lead a successful business.

Accounting lets students to be able to understand the financial affairs of individuals, communities, and businesses.

The subjects offered under commerce department is Business Studies and Accounting.

  • NCEA subjects – Business Studies, Accounting, and Economics
  • Year 9 and 10 optional class per term – Financial literacy and Start-up business program.

Business Studies

Business studies is about enhancing of a culture of enterprise in New Zealand and sustaining and improving economic and community well-being. The learning journey in business is very engaging, and enables students to explore enterprise culture and understand the important role of business in society and economy.

It creates opportunity for students to run real business through Young Enterprise Scheme and support from business people, including teachers, mentors and University Alumni. Students are able to participate in the following during their journey of exploring entrepreneurship;

  • present their business pitch to panel of judges who are successful entrepreneurs in New Zealand at AUT campus.
  • Participate in all YES challenges (innovative idea, pitch, promotions and sales challenges).
  • Conduct Market days and nights at various locations and also through online selling platforms.
  • Review, Reflect, and carry on with their business activity.

Students learn to work in groups collaboratively while adopting qualities of taking initiative, becoming resilient and perseverant with a ‘can do’ attitude and gaining skills of problem solving, communicating, time management, team building, leadership and decision making  which leads them in gaining lifelong experiences.

Lion Foundation Young Enterprise Scheme has recognised students’ success in business by awarding South Auckland Regional Awards in Star-up Company of the Year Award in 2017 and Excellence in Product Development Award in 2018.

Business studies is mostly about enterprise, sustainability, kaititakitanga, rangariratanga globalisation and citizenship. It can be integrated in subjects such as digital technology and technology.


Students will develop the knowledge and skills necessary to prepare and maintain financial record, manage financial affairs, act with integrity and contribute to the wider community. They also get to experience using accounting software such as MYOB in recording and processing accounting information. This gives the accounting learners greater insight of real work experience in accounting.

Learning accounting enables young generation to become responsible citizens and contribute to the well-being of New Zealand by valuing confidentiality, integrity, accountability, reliability, relevance and sustainability.