Islamic Theology

Islamic Theology represents in-depth higher religious education for those who need to raise their understanding of their religion.

Acquiring of knowledge to fully understand why we have been created and to live our life accordingly is the responsibility of a Muslim. For this, students have been travelling overseas to acquire Islamic theological knowledge. However Al-Madinah school in addition to the New Zealand curriculum is now providing the required Islamic knowledge. With this knowledge combined with the New Zealand curriculum we hope to bring up good, successful Kiwi Muslims.

Qur’aan Memorisation – Hifz Program

This section caters for students who wants to memorise the whole Qur’aan while going through a program that is offered before and after normal school opening hours and few ours on Saturday and during the first week of school holiday. Students may start memorizing as soon as they are able to recite Qur’aan properly with good Makhraj and Tajweed. At present, there are around 20 students who are memorizing Qur’aan at Al-Madinah and many students are also memorizing through their local Masjids. So far, 17 students have memorized the entire Qur’aan including one girl as well.

Islamic Knowledge – Darul Uloom

This section caters for providing in-depth knowledge of Qur’aan and Hadith through Tafseer (Translation of Qur’aan), Fiqh (Islamic Jurisprudence), Seerah (Biography of Prophet Muhammad (Sal-lal-lahu alaihi wa sal-lam), Hadith, etc.